Winter Challenge Winner – Meredith

I am absolutely thrilled beyond words to win this Challenge!

When Binny first mentioned this challenge I was averaging 2-3 classes a week and my yoga bestie Michelle told me she was doing the challenge so I promptly went and wrote BOTH our names up on the white board – so I was like – well I guess I am doing this….!

It certainly lived up to the ‘challenge’ title to me. Battling constant pain and neck stiffness from major neurosurgery and C1-C2 fusion, a sinus infection, work and social commitments, a long weekend down south (which resulted in a killer 8 classes in a row make-up run) – saved only by coconut water and the promise of a sticker, cold rainy nights that you just want to go home after work and put on your PJ’s.

But I had committed to the challenge and was determined to see it through to the finish line or at least do the best I could do.

It is so funny how a pretty coloured sticker on a board next to your name can feel like a gold medal – so satisfying and make you feel so proud of yourself and a huge part of a supportive team and wonderful community and yoga family.

Thank you Binny for your brilliant studio and for all your love and hard work creating this challenge and for bringing us all together – your yoga family. The amazing workshops and special events you arranged and to you for being the best instructor ever and also to your talented team of instructors. Thank you for the joy and light that is Estell, her dances, turning off the lights with her toes, leap hugs from the desk and gorgeous little Caileag, Dazzie’s stories and singing, Manuel’s backchats, Michelle and my matching wonky legged Savasanas, Majestic Michael with his world class inspiring postures, Ian, Donna, Paul, Etsuko, Evan, Frank and all the fabulous members and the hilarious banter,
As you said at the beginning of the challenge – all of us are winners just for taking on the challenge and committing to step up and do our very best.

Stepping up the classes has also decreased the pain and stiffness in my neck which is a godsend and has made me fitter and stronger and even my form has improved.

So thank you! I love my yoga family and OHYP is my yoga home xoxox