Why We Love Awkward Pose

awkward pose

Awkward Pose is so important as it helps to create stability in your hips and pelvis.

When you sit in a chair, the weight of your upper body presses on your femur (upper thigh bones) and your hamstrings. The femur are connected to your pelvis through the hip sockets, but when you sit in a chair, the femur ends up resting in one position.

When you sit for long periods of time, your body compensates by using the long muscles in the back, and in the legs to keep your body from moving. Over time, they will tighten to keep your stable, and when you stand up, those muscles will stay engaged, tugging on your spine and creating that stiff and uncomfortable sensation from sitting too long.

Sitting for long periods also means your bones don’t get loaded in the right way. The sit bones which are a weight bearing surface don’t get the weight they need, so then that weight rests on top of your femur and hamstrings. Proper loading on a body helps stimulate the normal process of breaking down then rebuilding bone and muscle.

In class, the whole standing series helps to strengthen your legs, glutes, and stabilise your hips and pelvis. This will help to allow your body to function as it’s best!

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