We’re grateful to have an incredible team of dedicated, passionate teachers. Every teacher has completed intensive training and immersed themselves in their own yoga practice and expanding their teaching knowledge to aid yours. Our teachers bring over 20 years of combined knowledge and experience to the table.

We pride ourselves on strong mentorship and our continued dedication to learning and nurturing a welcoming, safe, and friendly environment. We couldn’t be more grateful to our students and teachers for being part of our Bikram yoga family.

Meet Our Teachers

Binny Liu

Owner & Director

I became a Bikram Yoga teacher in the Spring of 2011. There are certain events which happen in our lives that shape our future in major, life changing directions, and going to LA for 9 weeks with 428 other yogis was one of those moments. Not only was I practicing something incredible that saved my life; I was then able to share this healing therapy with others.

Prior to starting Bikram in 2010 I had never exercised in my life. At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome, which turned my life upside down. Simply put, the fascia does not stretch, so blood and oxygen flowing to the muscles and nerves get cut off – which leads to constant acute pain. I had operations on both arms, but this didn’t resolve the problem. I also developed Fibromyalgia, which is constant chronic pain. I also had chronic fatigue and over time I became withdrawn and felt depressed. I do think most people take their health for granted; you truly do not appreciate how much you have until you lose it. Then in 2010, I came across Bikram Yoga.

It was a total game changer. I hated my first class, yet as I got home I felt a serenity and calmness, and, just so I could prove it was a fluke, I went back for a second class… I haven’t looked back since.

When I attended the Spring Teacher Training 2011 in LA, I was fortunate enough to be part of the demonstration team for the graduation ceremony. It was one of the most amazing times of my life and it has been a life changing experience.

Even though I suffer from my conditions now, which includes arthritis, I can function and move normally– I can lead a normal life without any medication. Mentally I’m in such a better place too, it’s given me the confidence and belief that I can do anything. To me the yoga provides a moving meditation to bring mental clarity and strength, emotional release, physical awareness and it supports the whole system in healing.

After training I moved to Dallas to teach full time. During that time I have visited and taught in Miami, LA, Houston and Mexico. In 2013 I went back to the US and had the privilege of being on staff at the Spring 2013 training and watching a new generation of teachers graduate. My daughter Estell is also a mini yogini and my parents both practice, so it just proves this Yoga is for all ages!

Being a teacher enables me to share with others the healing and balancing aspects of yoga. Being healthy is not a destination; it is a way of life. In my own life I am more fulfilled physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have found that the benefits of Bikram yoga are truly amazing, and I am grateful to be able to teach and share this with others. Whether I’m practicing or I’m teaching, I’m often reminded that “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”



Everyone remembers their first Bikram class. Mine was in Singapore 2007 while working as a Flight Attendant. I headed off very overdressed, absolutely no idea that it was going to be ‘hot’ in there!! I spent 75 minutes on the floor planning my escape. However, something in me shifted that day and I realised we live in a world where phones are exhausting our brains, we sit in comfy chairs, we fall ill, we stress, lose sleep and wake up without focus & energy. I needed this yoga.

I am a true believer of the original recipe of Bikram Yoga. 90 minutes in the correct heat/humidity. 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. It has changed my life, and after 12 years teaching I have witnessed it change the lives of my students. 

Bikram is not easy and it still challenges me every class, but this sequence has an amazing way of giving you just what you need. 

After 12 years of teaching and 15 years of practice around the world and throughout Australia. I’m very proud to be part of the Bikram community.



I started practising the Bikram yoga back in 1997. Little did I know how far it would take me. At the time my passion was Chinese Dragon Boat racing – a very intense sport that entails a 14 metre canoe with 20 paddlers sitting two abreast racing over 200m, 500m and 1000m. My whole world revolved around making a Dragon boat go fast. I did my first class and I could see immediately that the practice of yoga would aid my paddling so I started practising every day.

I went to teacher training in the summer of 1999. From there I came back and was co-owner of the Harbord school in Sydney, Australia. At the time it was the only school in Australia. In 2002 I went my own way and opened the tremendously successful Bikram yoga Darlinghurst.

For the last 20 years I have been exposed to every facet of the Bikram world. From day to day school activities to competing in the yoga competitions both in Australia and Internationally. I have taught all around Australia and Internationally. I have assisted at teacher training.

I am straight down the line Bikram. I believe in the series being delivered as Bikram has decreed. Change nothing, don’t add anything.The class is, and only ever will be, 90 minutes in duration. Combined with carpet mirrors and heat, the package is completed with the use of the Bikram dialogue.

For 10 years I delivered what I called ‘Dazzie’ dialogue. Although close to the proper dialogue I realised it was missing large components of the series. Upon making a decision to get back on the dialogue I invested 3 years to learn the dialogue from scratch. From then on my teaching took a whole new direction. Classes became easier to teach. I found was able to give more to the students

I love everything about Bikram Yoga, from the practice to the people. I know I will have a positive effect on you as a teacher or on you and your school. Give me a shout and lets talk about yoga.

Shelley Davies



My first class was at Bikram Yoga Richmond in January 2007. A friend and I decided to try it for a bit of fun, and all I remember in that first class was feeling very light-headed, wondering how the people in the front row managed to stand up for the entire 90 minutes, and thinking that it wasn’t really much fun at all!
My friend dragged me back for classes 2, 3 and 4 in that first week, and even though I was flat on my mat for most of the 90 minutes, by the end of the 10 day trial I was hooked. To be honest, I wasn’t sure why I was drawn to it, just that something felt different and I sensed the need to keep coming back. I took up a regular practice immediately and the magic started – first physically and then mentally.

The knee pain that I had suffered for so long after years of competitive squash started to disappear, and I no longer needed the impending operation.

The symptoms of my genetic heart condition became less and less.

I felt so fit and strong, that a game of squash or a long run seemed like a warm up.

For the first time in years, I was able to fall into a heavy sleep each night.

The anxiety that came with having a high-stress job in finance seemed to disappear as I found the ability to breathe through any stressful situation.

I had always wanted to share my passion for this yoga with as many people as I could. In 2017 I travelled to Florida to complete 500 hours of teacher training with the Raja Yoga Academy. I am now learning from the best of the best with Nick and Binny, and I am honoured to be a part of their yoga family and to help facilitate healing to everyone who visits OHYP.

All these years later and I still find each class just as challenging and rewarding. The beauty of Bikram Yoga is in the repetition of the postures, which makes it the perfect benchmark to gauge where your body and mind are at. Though it’s not always what you WANT, the yoga shows you exactly what you NEED, both physically and mentally.

I can’t wait to share the journey with you in the hot room!



My name is Kana. I am originally from Japan and now proudly call Australia home. After practicing a few different styles of yoga for many years, I went to Bikram yoga teacher training in 2011. It was a life changing experience in many levels. Over the years, I have expanded my teaching styles to Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Roll & Release and reformer and now I am studying Yoga Therapy.
I am always eager to continue learning and growing as a teacher as well as a practitioner, love sharing the knowledge to my students and want to do something that have a positive impact on people.

Yoga makes me a healthy, strong, better and more positive person and I feel truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share this with others.