Student of the Month Paul


I first started practising the Bikram beginner’s yoga sequence in 2009 at the North Perth studio. I had already been practising various other forms ofhatha yoga (asanas – postures) sporadically since about 1970.

In 2010 I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the advanced training of 84 postures with Bikram himself, in Las Vegas.

Currently, I attend classes 3 or 4 times weekly. The main reasons I practice this form of yoga is to enhance and maintain strength and flexibility for general health and, most especially, to prepare my body for regular periods of long meditation (3-5 hours) which requires sitting still so that the higher techniques of concentration and meditation can be practised without distraction from the muscles, mind and breathing.

I have been in full-time practise as a naturopath and homeopath since 1984 when I established Tara Health Centre – a multi-disciplinary natural therapy centre that offers a broad range of individualised treatments. Having seen more than 50,000 patients over the years has shown me how much we all share in common whilst each of us still maintains our own unique individuality.

In my spare time, as well as outdoor activities, I also play in 5 bands – a jazz band; a concert band and three kirtan bands performing regularly at a variety of venues.

Paul Alexander