Student of the Month Mervin


“Mervin just watch the person in front of you and join in after the first few. Pranayama, Standing Deep Breathing and Blowing in Firm Pose”. As confusing as it was and so my journey into Hot Yoga began.

After 25 years of competitive soccer and cricket; 2x broken noses, 2 x ACLs, 3 x fractured wrists, torn hamstrings and various other injuries it was time for some serious rehabilitation. I took an immediate liking to hot yoga after my first class. When asked “Why do you enjoy the hot yoga”, my initial response is; it’s a ninety minute closed mouth moving meditation and I love the heated workout.

I have been practising hot yoga sporadically for the past ten years and even though every class is the same twenty six postures each class comes with a different challenge. Some days it is mentally so difficult to get to show up to class, coming up with all sorts of excuses; “I am busy with work”, “I am tired”, “I will give it a skip today and show up tomorrow”. I am sure most of us are guilty of using these excuses from time to time. I remember one of my many yoga teachers saying “once you actually walk through the studio door you are already 90% of the way there”.

Due to me neglecting my rehabilitation post the two ACLs, I have suffered with stiff knees, tight hips and tight hamstrings. I believe the heat and increased blood flow to these areas from specific postures has helped me with a wider range of movement since I discovered hot yoga. . As a result of my injuries I loved to hate Fixed Firm pose, today this is one of my favourite postures as I can finally get into the posture without any pain. Even after many years of practising I still have a long way to go in many other postures but I am getting closer with every session.

What I have learnt since the start of my journey; 

Leave your ego at the door

Don’t confuse pain with discomfort

If you have any injuries be patient

Listen carefully to the dialogue

Have fun and smile as much as you can during class. Its only yoga.

Come back as soon as you can.