Student of the Month Irina

Client of the month
Our wonderful Student of the Month is Irina, whose happy place is in the yoga room with her partner Martin. She’s always smiling and has been rocking out quite a few double classes lately – go girl!

I believe we all have a Bikram Yoga Story in us. I am honoured to share mine.

As a childhood trauma survivor, I have worked very hard for most of my life to re-build myself, and to heal the wounds of our female lineage, so I don’t pass it into my daughter. I was the lucky one, I have succeeded. But everything collapsed in 2010. I have lost my mother and my Granny ( she was my rock !!! ) and I have found myself divorced as well. I felt alone, broken, empty.

I still remember driving to my first class. I was numb but hopeful. 20 minutes into the postures, and I wanted to cry and run. I think I swore ( silently ) way too many times, and I believe, the teacher has noticed my angry Russian face also.

I have stayed. I came back the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Soon enough, I have noticed I no longer feeling numb or empty. Way too many emotions experienced during the class ( you know the rollercoaster ), have replaced that emptiness and pain. Yoga Community have embraced me, and I have never felt lonely again.

Funniest memory of that time was every time I would come out of Camel, I would cry. At first, I was so embarrassed, but soon I have realised that I am healing. For the next 10 years, I have tried many other things, neglected my practice way too many times, got injured, found my Soul partner. Still, I have always remembered how Bikram Yoga made me feel.

I am back, and I am here to stay.
Binny, and all the teachers, thank you so much for your determination and huge hearts. Thank you for continuing to run the studio in such turbulent times: you are that safe haven to many of us, and we need you.