Student of the Month Bernie

Bernie is the student of the month
Yoga time = me time and more me time = happier me.

So why not. I joined OHYP in 2019 after taking a considerably long break from hot yoga due to offshore work, overseas study and travel, injuries, surgeries and a pregnancy. I could add more excuses to the list but that would be pointless. What matters is what got me back in the room. I simply missed it. It’s easy to get distracted with the daily grind of life and sometimes I found myself getting overwhelmed with the little things like getting stung by a bee and thinking its karma doing its job. I felt like a podgy hamster that could barely do one revolution on its wheel. It was just time to take control of both mind and body.

I attempted cross fit, f45 and even speedfit but unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it. I needed a more calming atmosphere to not only train my body but also train my mind without the competitive environment. Once I decided to start practicing hot yoga again I made a conscientious decision to practice regularly despite working full time and taking care of a little one at home. I wish I had continued as the benefits increased the more regularly I came to practice.

Physically I felt back muscle pain relief, posture improve, neck tension disappear and I could breathe a lot better. Now with my second pregnancy, it’s made such a difference in that I can still move without too much struggle or shortness of breath.

As important however was the improvement in my mentality. Being mindful of my breathing during class helped me focus on postures and limited my mind wondering into different thoughts. I didn’t even realise breath meditation was a thing until watching Headspace on Netflix. After class my mind’s clearer, my breath slower and I’m able to be present.

I’m forever grateful for the yoga culture and community I’ve found in OHYP. Everyone is so supportive of each other and it makes coming to yoga class that much easier. With teachers who take a personal approach to teaching and their interest in you – OHYP has become more of a family. Thanks SO MUCH!