Student of the Month AJ


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While having 3 months university break in 2006, I wanted to start doing regular exercise & to lose weight. I don’t like running nor going to the gym, so I decided to sign up for the first Bikram yoga class.

In my first Bikram yoga class, I couldn’t do all postures, but I managed to stay in the hot room for the whole 90 minutes. There were plenty of super flexible students in the class. I still remembered; I was the only one who could not get into Fixed Firm & Camel poses. A week later, I found out that it was just a fear for myself to overcome (to do backward bends).

The instructor said, ‘Drink lots of water & come back tomorrow’. I took her advice & returned to the class on the next day. Looking back, it has been 10+ years that I have been doing Bikram yoga as my regular exercise.

Getting physical benefits was how I started doing Bikram Yoga. I have also gained a lot of mental benefits, which is main reason that I’m keeping up with at least 3 classes a week. I’ve called them 4D:

Discipline – To attend 3 yoga classes weekly that fit with my daily routines, I’ve managed my time to meet work & life commitments better. I’ve been building self-disciplined.
Determination – Whenever I made it to class, I’ll work hard to limit that my body can do on that day. Every class will always be different & challenging in many ways.

Demand – Occasionally, I feel lazy/ tired or other priorities took over and I did not attend classes, I demand on myself to make up time for those classes that were missed.
Dimensions – My mind always gets clearer after yoga. After pausing my brain for 90 minutes, I tend to find solutions &/or make better decisions to difficult problems in work & life while laying down in final relaxation Savasana.

I’ve now been with OHYP family for nearly 2 years.

I’m enjoyed practising under guidance of very dedicated & passionate teachers Binny, Nick, Gill & other amazing teachers here.

Focusing on correct alignment in each posture does make a big improvement in my body and there is always something new to work on every time.

Thank you everyone in the studio who are part of my Bikram yoga journey & to share great positive energy to pull through every class.