Student Appreciation – Krupa

Student Appreciation - Krupa

Time to meet Krupa, one of our amazing @originalhotyogaperth members 💚

Krupa joined @originalhotyogaperth in July 2022 and has made so much incredible progress!

Here is a Q & A to get to know Krupa better 🙏

How does yoga make you feel?
Yoga makes me calm and gives me more strength.
I have less pain, I can sleep better plus I am happy after yoga.

Why do you love yoga?
It makes me feel fresher and more energised.

What are the improvements you’ve seen?
I came in with a frozen shoulder, back pain and sciatica. I was very weak and within a month of regular hot yoga sessions, I can now raise my arms up in the air, and I have more movement in my shoulder.
When I first started, I needed help to grab my foot in Bow Pose, now I can do it myself and I can kick back as well! My back pain has improved, and the sciatica is getting better.
When I used to stand up from sitting, I used to walk around like an old woman, and everyone laughed at me, but now I can walk better and I sleep much better.
I am much stronger and my core has improved as well!

We are so proud of Krupa and all of her amazing achievements!