Student Appreciation – Hanna


Meet Hanna, one of our amazing members 💚

The community at Original Hot Yoga Perth is so incredibly special and that is because each and every one of you!
So we love taking the time to celebrate all of our wonderful members!

✨ When did you start practicing at Original Hot Yoga Perth?


I started practicing at Original Hot Yoga Perth in July 2017.

✨ How did your yoga journey begin?

It came as a realisation of my lack of fitness, endurance and flexibility after a pilgrimage to Rome where I exposed to hiking between the many religious attractions. My sons, John and Ly, were helping at the studio and recommended I give it try to alleviate my troubles.

Prior to this I had not sweat much and my initial physical discomfort was high. However, after a few weeks of continual practice, up to 6 days a week, the physical discomfort became more manageable and I feel I enhanced my mental clarity and acuity. I continued this regular practice for 4 years, even through covid with the teleconference practices and am eternally grateful for the support of Binny and community through this time.

✨ What has yoga taught you?


Yoga has taught me the importance of firstly, nurturing the physical and mental self through the mediative invocations and secondly the importance of a strong and focused community group. I am forever grateful for you all. My Vietnamese church community now endlessly compliment my boundless energy and glow. I love each session of practice and particularly how we all celebrate each other’s birthdays and significant holidays (with Donna Burnett’s delicious cakes) and the continual loving support from the community with trust, respect and happiness. And lastly I’d like to thank the youngest yogi of the group for her cheeky influence and how she reminds me that she’s almost as tall as I, Estell!

Thank you so much for being apart of our Community Hanna, we are so grateful for you!

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