Student Appreciation – Emanuel

Emanuel Student of the Month

Emanuel (Manu): “I have been nominated by Binny as the student of the months… Who can say no to Binny…? Sure not me!”

So, I should start my yoga “fairy tale” like everybody else with:
“After xx year of doing (or not doing) a lot of: blah, blah, blah,” cutting shortly: I arrived to a climax in my life, of being overweighted (more than 110 Kg), diabetic, having chronic migraines, and with the cholesterol level up to the roof. I was taking every morning a full hand of pills, prescribed by my dear GP, who terrorised my by saying that, I can have a heart attack or a stroke at any moment, if I stop taking them.

Now start the Yoga fairy tale:
January 2016: my first yoga class at Trans Genesis School of Yoga with Patty. A lot of meditation and very gentle stretching. So, I wanted more…
May 2016: my first 90 min Bikram class at Yoga Tree with Nancy. It was a DISASTER! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move. I just stared to the guys from the front row (yes, Veera was there!) thinking that they must be the Yoga Gods. But somehow I was hooked and I keep going.
September 2018: my first class at Bikram Original Hot Yoga Perth with Binny and Nick. This studio was the real deal for me. Very professional teachers, well organised classes, keeping with the original 90 min program, and on the top: super clean. I become a permanent member from January 2020.

Present:  Practising Yoga 5-6 time a week at OHYP studio. Just finished my second 30 days Bikram challenge. No more migraines and diabetes, I have a healthy cholesterol level, my weight is now 75 Kg, and a “fun-bloody-tastic” well-being.  Therefore, no more pills in the morning! Sure, my GP hates me for this.
Favourite pose: 69…Oops this might be the wrong one. There are only 26 in Bikram. Let start again: My favourite pose is Camel: Ustrasana. Why? Because I was mocking Camel…

Lessons learnt:

Bikram Yoga is addictive, but don’t worry, it’s a healthy addiction!
There is no excuse, such I’m too busy or I don’t have time, to skip a Bikram class; there is only lack of motivation!
“Bikram Yoga! This shit works! Period.” by Brad Colwell (not mine).