Student Appreciation – Chris


Time to meet one of our amazing members Chris 💚

✨What has kept your motivation for your own practice for so many years?


I remember after my first hot yoga class thinking I was going to pass out and that these people were insane – why was the heat so high?
I also remember going home and feeling on a high for two days – and that was enough motivation for me to keep coming. Knowing that this is something I am doing to take care of both my physical and mental health, slow down the process of ageing a bit, let go of myself and my worries and sometimes access a few moments of bliss is a really strong incentive for me to keep coming.

✨Why did you join OHYP?


I really got into yoga when I was introduced to the 90 minute hot yoga classes at the North Perth studio by a friend back in 2011. Kana and Genevieve were my teachers back then, too!
When I got back from living away I had heard there was this place in Claisebrook that was continuing with the original class style and I decided to give it a go, realised it is a really warm and welcoming space, bumped into some familiar faces… and here I am a couple of years later.

✨If you could give advice to someone who has never practiced yoga before what would it be?

Remember why you are doing it.

For me, this is a healing and strengthening practice that I want to help me stay well and happy into old age – and also a mental practice that helps me relax and let go of things I no longer need to carry. To do that I need to learn from the teachers – push myself to change and go beyond what is comfortable now – but also notice and listen to what is going on inside and be willing to pull back when my body is telling me to. It’s also easy to get caught up in trying to force change, be the best, look right, go faster. Try and find a golden space where you are accepting of yourself as you are, letting go of what you don’t need, and still actively working towards change.

We love having you apart of the studio Chris!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom 💚

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