Spine Traction Workshop

Spine Traction

This interactive workshop will take you through exercises to help you find space in your spine, and to strengthen it. 
There will be step by step demonstrations, and you will have the chance to try everything, so be prepared to work!
“I’ve been putting up with back pain since my early 20’s. Binny started introducing ‘traction’ into practice and I couldn’t believe the immediate difference it made: in and out of a class! The workshop was so useful and informative, building on what Binny had introduced and more. The traction work has made a huge difference. No pain medication needed! I can feel the difference as my spine, hips and shoulders start to work properly.

You are welcome to practice the class beforehand, and you will have time to rinse off before the workshop. There will be some residual heat from the class before but the room won’t be heated. 
Please book online as spaces are limited.

Please bring the following if you have them:
1 x foam block