Reach a full range of motion

pushup challenge

Muscle fibers are very stretchable, but in the muscle, they are connected with the less stretchable fibrous connective tissue.

Lack of movement and exercising within less than a FULL range of motion causes shortening of the connective tissue, and this explains the loss of flexibility.

For example, push-ups on the floor contract from a shortened position, so this affects the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and arms. However, elevating yourself so you start from the full length of your arms will help increase flexibility in those muscles instead.

In Bikram Yoga, and our Gentle Stretching classes, we give the muscles time to stretch to their full length, helping you to increase your flexibility and reach a full range of motion!

*** FYI, bonus if you can do this on your fingertips as pictured. Not bad for 65! ***