Pranyama Breathing


We start the class with pranayama breathing. 🙏🏼

It starts the cleansing process in the body and works with your heart and lungs.

Pranayama strengthens the muscles you need for breathing, increasing your lung capacity and improving circulation throughout the body. You inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide.

Your heart is an essential part of your cardiovascular system. It pumps nutrient rich blood and oxygen throughout your entire body. The important part of that is that the blood must come in and then out of your lungs. It carries the fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body, and it also takes away the body’s waste products, including carbon dioxide.

So your heart and lungs work together, and this is why breathing is such an essential part of the class. On top of that, pranayama decreases stress, reduces blood pressure, improves your sleep quality, stimulates the lymphatic system and improves your immunity system!

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