Like a flower petal blooming

gentle stretching

When we go to school, start at a new job, or do something new like learn a musical instrument, we aren’t expected to learn everything straight away. In fact there’s step-by-step guidelines and levels that we aim for before moving onto the next one. So why is that when it comes to something as important as our own bodies, the physical vehicle that houses our spirit, we cannot slow down and be patient, taking it step by step?

So often in a yoga class, or any sort of physical exercise requiring exertion we push our bodies to the absolute limit, even if it’s beyond what we should, or we self criticise because we cannot do what we’d like to or what the person next to us is doing.

“Be still, be patient, and be a delicate flower petal blooming…”

A flower requires time to seed, sprout, bud and eventually open up into something unique and amazing – nature takes its course and there is no rush. In fact when you force a flower to bloom sooner or pull it apart it will wilt and possibly die. Therefore, why not treat your body, your yoga practice, and your daily activities the same way. Set yourself a daily mantra to slow down and take your time, enjoy each moment, one step at a time. 

Ask yourself why you are in such a hurry to get in and out of postures, just so you can be done with it. Why not enjoy each and every moment, including the struggles and the challenges, and be present and aware in your own self.

Instead, let go, set your mantra to be present and aware, notice whatever it is that you are suppose to be noticing, set yourself a goal to work towards, enjoy and celebrate overcoming obstacles and challenges, being proud of your improvements, no matter how small. Every improvement is a reminder of how you are actively creating change within yourself. Each small step joins to another, building a foundation, until they become a big breakthrough, growing towards your own blossoming into something beautiful!