Just Do It

Just Do It

Winter is generally a hard time for everyone (people getting sick, work gets busy with the end of the financial year etc.). Sometimes it’s easy to let your yoga practice slide. Then the first few classes back are so challenging that it’s easier to stay away!

So how do you motivate yourself back into taking care of yourself? How to keep going past those first few tough classes where you feel like a beginners again? As Bikram says:

“Use your English bulldog determination. Your Bengal tiger strength.”

One of the most memorable students I’ve had was John, who turns 87 this year, and he said something to me that I will never forget. He used to practice 3-5 times a week, and sometimes he couldn’t do much, but he was always in the room, with his red headband on, giving it a try. One day I said to him: “It’s so inspirational to see you practice, it’s awesome.”

He said to me: “Honestly Binny, if I could take a pill that would make all my aches and pains go away, I wouldn’t come back tomorrow. But there’s no such thing, so here I am, because what else is there.”

and for us to see the results.

So JUST DO IT. Don’t worry about the few classes you feel awful in, or can’t seem to do anything again, or stress about how hard it all is – because after a few ‘doses’, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear, and it’ll all be worth it!