International Yoga Day – the story of Tree Pose

International Yoga Day

To celebrate International Yoga Day, here’s the story of Tree Posture, a pose about persistence and dedication, love and patience.

Long ago, Queen Sita, the wife of King Rama, was one day kidnapped by Demon King Ravana. He took her to his palace, and magically hid her away. She refused to spend any time in his palace, instead she retreated to the garden and sat amongst the ashoka trees. Ashoka means “without sorrow”, and are symbols of love in Indian folklore.

She lived under the trees, would sit day after day with her back against the tree, and she breathed and she waited. She concentrated her mind of Rama with one pointed focus, and every thought, every breath, every beat of her heart said “Rama.. find me. Rama. Rama.” She sent her love and longing into the trees and they spoke to her. “Stay still, be calm and steady like us. Seasons change, but stand firm through all the changes, this captivity is not forever. Be still.”

Rama felt Sita was alive and sent Hunaman, the monkey god to look for her, and he brought her home.

When we practice Tree Pose, we build resilience and patience. We root deep down to the earth through all the changes around us, and in that we are guided by our inner wisdom to keep love and passion within us, so we never forget who we are.

Let nothing shake you.