Clinical Somatics

The word somatic means ‘of or relating to the body.’

Clinical Somatics is a unique, safe, and highly effective approach to relieving chronic pain. Building on the work of Feldenkrais and developed by movement educator Thomas Hanna, it retrains your nervous system to release tension and pain caused by muscle memory.

The only sensory motor training method that reverses the cause of chronic and habitual muscle pain, it does so much more than address symptoms. Our habits around movement often cause bad posture and tension, resulting in aches and pains. Muscles become chronically contracted from misuse or injuries, and physical or emotional stress leads to imbalances. The outcome of this can be anything from hip pain to sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis, and more. These slow, gentle exercises focus on contracted muscles and movement patterns. Once your brain is made aware of these patterns, you not only release muscle tightness but reverse said patterns to improve overall movement and balance.

Active engagement allows learning to take place in the nervous system and is the key reason Clinical Somatics is effective at lasting change.

Which conditions does it help?

Once you’ve learnt these exercises, you can practice at home and continuously progress your learning on how to relieve pain.

Initial consult $80
Subsequent sessions: $75
Package of 5 lessons: $325 (save $50)