Standing Head to Knee

Monthly yoga focus

This month we’re focusing on holding Standing Head to Knee. Especially with longer postures, if you’re fighting to stay in the whole time, there’s no

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New Years Wishes

We take a moment to give our thanks to each and everyone of you, to the end of this turbulent year and to new beginnings.

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Student of the Month Mervin

“Mervin just watch the person in front of you and join in after the first few. Pranayama, Standing Deep Breathing and Blowing in Firm Pose”. As

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Nick’s Yoga Journey

Yoga is a progress. Nick has been working on this for 6 years. It’s still progressing as he’s working towards locking his knees. It could

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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? It’s life. It’s you coming in the room and getting alone time, it’s learning how to be a better person, it’s learning

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pushup challenge

Reach a full range of motion

Muscle fibers are very stretchable, but in the muscle, they are connected with the less stretchable fibrous connective tissue. Lack of movement and exercising within

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cobra drills

Cobra Drills

Doing some Cobra drills during our private classes and Estell jumped in to give a helping hand! We’re so grateful to our students who have

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