All About Hamstrings Workshop

Hamstrings Workshop

What causes tight hamstrings?

Most people try to get rid of tight hamstrings through stretching. However not being able to touch your toes or feeling the sensation of tightness down the back of the legs are necessarily caused by hamstring limitation, it can also be sciatic nerve tension.

Hamstrings Workshop

It’s important to figure out if the discomfort you feel are actual hamstring tightness or sciatic nerve issues. Nerves and muscles DO NOT like to be stretched the same way, so knowing where you are tight plays a major role in your flexibility. A muscle will relax over time in a prolonged stretch, however the nerves will actually tighten up in the same stretch!

In the workshop we will do an assessment test to see which area you need to address the most, and then go through a range of stretches and exercises for BOTH the muscles and the nerves.

Hamstrings Workshop

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All about Hamstrings Workshop
Sat 10th June 10am – 11.30am

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