Original Hot Yoga Perth (OHYP) is a movement studio with a main focus on the original Bikram yoga postures; 26 therapeutic postures and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room, over 90 minutes. Classes range from beginners to advanced and we encourage everyone to attend.  We embrace every individual who walks through our doors as part of our community and we welcome students of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes. 

Our personal care and individual attention is second to none; we specialise in conditioning and stretching classes and workshops for members. Group Classes focus on corrections to posture and breathing, whilst our Clinical Somatics will reset your nervous system. Our hot yoga series is the therapeutic practice of hatha yoga and all other classes are designed to aid you in this particular practice.

All teachers participate in regular anatomy and posture clinics to ensure you’re getting outstanding personal guidance. They focus on correct alignment, breathing, and the art of patience and discipline; no matter the state of your physiology or health, you’ll discover ways to create the change you seek. Therapeutic yoga really is for everyone! 


Our state-of-the-art hot yoga room is heated with European infrared technology whilst our ventilation system continuously circulates fresh, filtered air. This promotes perspiration and encourages natural dehumidification. It’s believed to slow the effects of aging whilst improving physiological function, aiding sleeping, and battling chronic fatigue.

OHYP is the only studio in Perth with non-slip, non-porous, no odour flooring and we are hyper-vigilant about hygiene. The studio is cleaned after every single class and we take pride in offering you a beautiful, immaculate space whenever you visit, with showers fitted onsite for your convenience.

We are meticulous about our studio environment – nothing enhances your practice more than calm, pristine, welcoming surroundings. We want you to leave every class feeling refreshed, happy, and pain free. An array of yoga clothing, merchandise, supplements and refreshments to aid your yoga practice can also be purchased in-house.