Nick’s Yoga Journey


Yoga is a progress. Nick has been working on this for 6 years. It’s still progressing as he’s working towards locking his knees. It could have taken less time, but he doesn’t push himself to the point of injury, we don’t physically force him into it, he focuses on alignment and he practices consistently 3-5 times a week if possible. He’s always struggled to grab both ankles but the one difference today was he didn’t flail around forcing the grip, instead he stayed in stillness, breathed, and then made the grip and held it.

That’s yoga! It may take him another 6 years to lock the knee. But that’s okay. Being able to nail this posture or even do it isn’t the goal, that’s not yoga! It’s the process, the trying the right way, the ability to have a practice without injury and force, the ability to breath and be still that makes this yoga!

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