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At OHYP, we’re dedicated to improving your life and overall wellbeing. Through the therapeutic practice of 26 Bikram Yoga postures and breathing exercises in our heated studio, you’ll improve movement, ease muscle tension, and alleviate stress to aid a better, healthier you. We also specialise in conditioning exercises and group sessions.

Join Our OHYP Private Group

This is a my personal Yoga journey group that is for members of the studio and anyone who loves Bikram Yoga and want to learn more. This is a group where we can interact, share classes, tips and connect with each other.

Foundation Classes

Wherever you are in your health journey – perhaps you’re starting out – there’s a class for you. Our foundation classes teach the fundamentals of Bikram yoga and are accessible to all; no experience necessary.

Join us as we systematically work through the body to stimulate every muscle joint, tendon, ligament, and organ, leaving you relaxed and centered from the inside out.

To ensure your utmost comfort and allow everyone to benefit, we offer a range of other therapeutic classes such as stretching classes and intensive, advanced options. At OHYP, we specialise in small group sessions where we focus and coach you on your particular goals.

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Bikram Yoga 26 + 2

Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, practiced in a heated room over 90 minutes. The lineage of this set sequence originates from Gosh’s Yoga College of India.

Pregnancy Series

Pregnancy Yoga is a gentle approach to exercise during and after pregnancy, consisting of stretching, focused breathing, and mental centreing.
Group Class

Group Classes

Limited to 8 people per class, our specialised group sessions allow you to move at our own pace and variations are added to your practice based on your desired goals or needs.

Gentle Stretching

These exercises are slow and suitable for everyone, focusing on strengthening, contracting and stretching the muscles – you won’t find another class like it.
conditioning drills

Conditioning Drills

Conditioning Drills are sets of exercises devised to strengthen specific muscle groups which in time creates more flexibility as well as build endurance. Over time you will find this enhance and improve your Bikram practice.

Advanced Series

The 84 postures of our Advanced Series follow Bishnu Gosh’s lineage. This class moves at a faster pace, and is a great compliment for intermediate and advanced students.

Roll & Release

This class lets you explore and feel more space and openness in the body.
Group Classes

Group Classes

Classes range from beginners to advanced and we encourage everyone to attend. We embrace every individual who walks through our doors as part of our community and we’re proud that our students range in all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes.

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