“Practicing Yoga is a privilege.
And with this privilege comes a duty to be kind, to share a smile,
and to offer the yoga from the mat into the rest of your life.”

We have a great team of passionate and dedicated teachers here at Bikram Original Hot Yoga Perth


Each teacher has completed an intensive training program and immersed himself or herself in growing not only their own yoga practice but their teaching knowledge to help you further your practice.

At our studio we pride ourselves on establishing strong mentoring programs and dedication to learning. We have strived to create a safe and friendly community for all and our teachers are a part of this amazing environment.

Hello my name is Gillian (Gill, Gilly) and I'm your certified Bikram Yoga teacher. I graduated November 2014 in Thailand and since then I have enjoyed teaching in Perth, Melbourne, Launceston, Jakarta, Copenhagen and Oslo.

My journey into Bikram Yoga started in January 2011. I had been suffering with the pain of chronic compounding RSI in my right arm for over two years, which had forced me to leave my career as an environmental scientist. A merry-go-round of specialists and drugs did little for the pain, and the doctors had nothing else to offer- I would have to live with it, but I knew I couldn't go on like this indefinitely. Attempts to return to sports and other styles of yoga made it worse, so my general health had also suffered. I was miserable, but was dragged along to a Bikram class by a friend who knew she liked yoga and wanted company to try this ‘crazy hot one’.

To be honest, that first class is a blur. I was so hot, so thirsty, I felt sick, I could barely move. How did those people move like that? I couldn’t do anything – not even put my hands together over my head. And yet, the class did something. Despite hating the heat, it was like an injury heat pack on my whole body, which provided a small level of relief. And best of all, it did not increase my pain. Over time, little by little, I gradually saw improvements.
The day I got my palms together, elbows locked and arms touching with my ears for Half-moon I was so happy – it was something that seemed impossible when I first started- but here I was, now doing it!! Best of all, as I gained more movement, my pain slowly began to decrease.
I also found if I stopped going to class, the pain would creep back up to become unbearable. So I just kept going, just kept trying.

Today I usually have only 5-10% of my original pain levels, it has really amazed my doctor. It has also enabled me to regain almost full range of motion and build balance, flexibility, strength,focus and determination. It calms my mind and has done wonders for my mental health.
My personal journey, and those of others I have met, convinced me that this particular yoga was something extra special, something that heals people from the inside out. I have seen many people transformed by this yoga, which is ultimately what inspired me to become a teacher.

Initially it gave me such joy that I may be able to live a normal life again, but it has gone beyond that to finding something I truly love – teaching and sharing this amazing and truly healing yoga with others. No matter what you are struggling with, just come in and get on your mat, it could change your life.

I look forward to seeing you in the hot room!

Gillian Tomkinson


I heard about Bikram Yoga through a friend who suggested that I try the yoga knowing that I would like the heat.  I used to always stay back at the gym after my workout to sit in the sauna for almost an hour each time. I started my practice in November 2010. My 1st class was hard, 2nd class was even harder and it’s still hard even to this day. Every class is challenging because I find new things to work and this motivates me to keep going. I started practicing 4 times a week and shortly after I was practicing daily, which was a bit of a shock. I had always exercised regularly but this time there was something really different about it – for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to force myself to go workout. I loved the sweat and my practice.  The main inspiration behind going back into the room daily was the postures themselves, which just kept giving me new breakthroughs.

I had no flexibility and practicing the postures was challenging.  However, once done the right way, I was motivated by how beautiful each pose was in its own way.  So I practiced and practiced until it became my life even to the point it was all I talked about, read about and even researched on through all mediums of media. The transformation has definitely been more mental, emotional and spiritual even though the reason I started was just to get fit and more flexible.  I felt the changes in myself: inner peace, mental strength and calmness I never knew I had.

I attended the Spring 2012 Teacher training in Los Angeles, USA with the strong support of my family and teachers from my home studio.  I embarked on a life changing experience, which for sure has been one of the best experiences of my life. It was truly an honour to get trained directly under the supervision of Bikram Choudhury.

Bikram Choudhury says: “if you can find peace in a Hot Yoga class you can find peace in every stage and place of life” and I believe this with all my heart. This practice is pure meditation; it is where I feel the closest to myself.

I have now embarked on a new path to help others with their journey to find health, happiness and peace through the Hot Yoga practice and as a result continue to evolve myself.

Smile and change the world!

Bahar Rahmani


I have been a yogi since I was 17 but didn't practice my first Bikram Yoga class until July 2014. It was something I had always wanted to try to challenge myself and take my practice to the next level. Looking back, it was a hot, sweaty blur but I knew right away that this was the yoga for me and I began a regular practice.

A year or so later I completed a 200 hr vinyasa teacher training but didn't feel inspired to teach. I had just completed my degree in marine biology and was attempting to forge a career as a scientist, so yoga remained a hobby. That all changed just over a year ago when the opportunity arose to teach hot yoga which was secretly my true passion. It was a hard decision to leave my studies behind but since then, I haven't looked back. Over the past year, I have taught at a few different studios across Perth but never thought I would be where I am now. Becoming a teacher at OHYP is a dream come true for me and I am beyond grateful to Binny and Nick for their mentorship. I have learnt from the very best.

Yoga is what I live and breathe and now I am sure this is the direction in which I want to take my life. I love everything about this practice and believe in it with all of my heart. It is special because it gives you the perfect balance between the tangible and the intangible. As someone with anxiety, it goes beyond the physical benefits and has helped me mentally in ways I never thought possible, to become a better, happier version of myself. No matter who you are or what brings you into the room, this yoga is for everybody and I want to share it with you. Can't wait to see you in class!

Emma Fensom


I first heard about Bikram Yoga on a television segment. It immediately caught my attention because it was completely new and different to anything I’d previously done. Soon after this, I stumbled across the Bikram Yoga studio in Adelaide.

I tried my first class in 2005 but found it extremely difficult and I wasn’t sure if Bikram Yoga was for me. But I persisted with the practice and soon discovered the powerful healing benefits of the yoga - I had been exposed to passive smoking for a few years and the moment I started practicing Bikram Yoga my body started to detoxify. After practicing for six months I became a regular student and Bikram Yoga became a part of my daily life and focus.

Eventually I decided to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher. I completed my training in San Diego 2010.

I’ve taught in Adelaide for a number of years and briefly in Melbourne before coming to Perth. Over this time I have continued to learn and build more confidence as a teacher. Bikram Yoga has brought many positive changes to my life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Being a teacher has provided me with more direction and purpose. It is a privilege to be able to guide and support students in their own practice.

I look forward to continuing the next part of my Bikram Yoga journey here in Perth.


Katherine Lee


Hi, my name is Genevieve. I’m excited about visiting Perth and being part of your yoga journey and teaching at my friends Binny and Nick's studio.

Bikram yoga has been part of my life for over 10 years.

When I started Bikram Yoga my body hurt and I wanted to feel pain free. I was well into my 40s, yoga was hard for me but even after the first class I felt a sense of pride at having done something good for myself. The benefits continued, stress relief, feeling more at home in my body and developing my mental ability to focus on what I wanted in life. I am so proud to see my students break boundaries not just in yoga but in their lives.

This yoga is for everyone, you're not required to be a cross between Buddha and a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, it's for regular people who want to grow, heal and get close to their best selves!

See you at the studio soon.

Genevieve Foreman

Visiting Teacher

Hello, I'm a travelling teacher from Sweden. I took my first Bikram yoga class in 2010. It was not love at first sight but it grew on me! I was doing lots of other sports at that time and slowly but surely, I quit them all in favour for more and more Bikram yoga. I went to teacher training in fall, 2018 in Acapulco. Since then I have been teaching in Sweden, Thailand and Melbourne.

I'm very excited to visit Perth! See you on the mat!

Clara Borselius

Visiting Teacher

I have been practising Bikram Yoga consistently and regularly since March 2006 and have visited 70 studios– so far. 

I completed my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in June 2012 and have already gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through my role as a teacher.  To date, I have taught at 40 studios in 24 cities around the globe and have been mentored by some of the most respected and highly experienced teachers in the Bikram Yoga community.

With consistent practice, I have come a long way since my Bikram Yoga journey began and I now maintain a healthy balance of Bikram Yoga and Yin Yoga, together with a regular swimming regime.  I love how I lose myself in my yoga class and I welcome the different challenges and experiences each class brings.  I am always learning about myself, the postures and connecting my body, mind and energy.  I believe I have changed for the better in a number of ways – physically, mentally and spiritually.  Yoga sure has improved the quality of my life outside the yoga room!

I teach from the heart, with energy and enthusiasm, aspiring to connect with my students and continually encourage & inspire them.  I prides myself on my understanding of posture alignment and benefits, my attention to detail and the ability to recognise the physical and mental potential of my students.

Claire Drury

Visiting Teacher

I'm a traveling Bikram yoga teacher from Korea. I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2011 and I did my teacher training in spring 2013 in Los Angeles.

Since I graduate teacher training I’ve been teaching Bikram Yoga in several different places - Korea, Japan, USA, Thailand, China, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and Perth!

I started Bikram yoga because I wanted to improve my flexibility. I was a ballet dancer who wasn't happy with myself and one of my ballet teachers suggested me to do hot yoga for improving flexibility. Bikram yoga surely helped me to improve my flexibility but more than that it taught me how to accept and love myself as I am.

I’m still learning and will be forever learning. Yoga practice for me is a journey of learning how to flow with ups and downs in this complex life.

I'm looking forward to meeting all the yogis of OHYP. Let's sweat together soon!

Soojeong Shin

Visiting Teacher