“You’re never too old,
never too bad,
never too late and,
never too sick
to start from the scratch once again."

A therapeutic yoga studio for everyone… We welcome you


Studio Vision

Bikram Original Hot Yoga Perth is an independently family owned, non-franchised studio dedicated to teaching the original therapeutic 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room for 90 minutes. We welcome everyone, no matter your age, fitness level or health concerns. All classes are for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Our teachers and staff strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment to all those who pass through our doors and our students only add to this wonderful community. Here you’ll find other students of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. Our studio also has a smaller private room and disability amenities. We specialise in private one on one sessions as well as group or corporate classes. It really reinforces that this therapeutic yoga is for everyone.

We differ from other studios in that we offer only the 90 mins hot yoga as this is a therapeutic style of hatha yoga. Our teachers are mentored and participate in regular anatomy and posture clinics to ensure that you get personal and individual help and guidance in your postures. Our focus is on correct alignment, breathing and learning patience and discipline so that no matter the state of your body, whether you have old and new injuries or if you’re fit and healthy, you will find new challenges and ways to create the change you are looking for.


Bikram Yoga Australia

We are the only studio in Perth that is affiliated with Bikram Yoga Australia, an association dedicated to the investigation and promotion of the health and wellbeing benefits of practicing the genuine 90 minute Bikram Yoga class. All studios affiliated with BYA ensures that you’re receiving authentic Bikram Yoga instructions, with a qualified teacher (these teachers will have undergone the demanding 500hr Teacher Training) in an approved and accredited studio.



Yoga Australia & Private Health Funds

Your studio owners are both affiliated and registered with Yoga Australia. This association provides a variety of benefits to its members, including a professional support network which allows for continuing professional development. Yoga has also become a part of the Australian health-care system, and a growing number of health insurance funds are now paying benefits for yoga. If you attend classes taught by Yoga Australia Registered Teachers, and are with the following health funds, you can get up to $800 a year rebate depending on your level of cover.

We are currently registered with over 10 Health Funds, including NIB, BUPA, HBF. Please ask or email us for more information.

Nick Smith
Nick Smith
Binny Liu
Binny Liu


Workshops, Buddy Passes & Community Classes

To help our students further their practice, we hold monthly workshops free for our members. This means we can take the time out of the regular classes to address your concerns as an individual case as all bodies are different. We will also help educate you in postures and anatomy so that you get the most out of the time you put in. After all, we understand that it’s time and effort you invest into yourself and us; so we’d love to help you achieve your goals.

Our studio represents a peaceful and safe haven for everyone, in which you and your fellow yogis invest in your wellbeing and health, we’re definitely not just a get in-get out workout space. We encourage you to bring your friends and family, if you’re on the Intro Offer you can Bring-a-Buddy along and their first class is only $10. The more the merrier.

We offer discounts on our Smart Pass for couples, kids under 18 and families just to make it easier for everyone to practice together!

We also host a monthly Community Class, on the last Sunday of every month. This class will be free for all first timers to the studio. It’s just our regular weekend class time, so it’s open to everyone. We have found this is a great way for those who are hesitant about trying (it’s never as bad as you’ve built it up in your head!) and also for our regular students to introduce their friends and family to something they are so passionate about.


Studio Blog & Our Community

We run a blog Believe in Yourself which supports a healthy overall lifestyle, not just in the yoga room, but outside of it as well. Here you’ll find more information about your studio directors, get to know us as people and see all the wonderful things that motivate and inspire our lives. We have yoga articles, inspirational stories, healthy recipes, adventures of our travels and much much more to share with you, including a really silly dog!

We also love to support the community and our students. If you are a part of any community events such as fundraiser, marathons, small businesses, or even if it’s an abundance of lemons on your tree, feel free to let us know so we can help promote and share with the rest of the community. We also understand that some of you might face financial challenges at times in your practice, so we also offer a work volunteer program where we exchange classes for work trade. All you have to do is talk to us!

Here’s a list of places we love and support:

Air Yoga – aerial yoga and calisthenics classes with professionally trained acrobats. With a focus on technique and alignment, and a wide range of classes, what’s not to love!

Tara Health Centre – one of Australia’s leading Holistic Centres, your one stop to a comprehensive range of naturopathic consults, homeopathic medicine, flower essences, biological medicine, enzyme therapy, and dietary guidance since 1984. Whether you’re feeling sluggish, out of sorts, or have a pre-existing condition, these are the guys to see!

West Perth Osteopathy – A focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs all function together as a holistic unit, these guys use gentle, safe and hands on techniques to help relieve all those niggles and pains.


Studio Facilities & Amenities

Our state of the art hot yoga room is heated with overhead infrared heating panels to ensure an even consistent heat throughout class and our continuous ventilation system ensures fresh filtered air and circulation during your practice. These panels will provide a significantly enhanced workout due to the rapid detox from the heaters heating your body directly.

The effects of subjecting the body to FIR rays helps to get rid of germs that can cause diseases, and expands the capillary vessels which promote blood circulation and cell regeneration. In yoga application, this technology promotes perspiration, sound sleep, deodorisation, antibiosis and encourages natural dehumidification. It’s believed to slow the effects of ageing, promoting physiological functions as well as treating chronic fatigue.

We are also the only studio in Perth with a unique non slip, no odour flooring that is cleaned after EVERY class so that no matter what class time you attend; you’ll come to a clean, fresh room!

We even separate the practice and shower towels – the mat towel covering the entire mat and made from a thick soft absorbent microfibre. We have a filtered water bottle filling station, which also enhances sustainability by reducing the dependency on disposable plastic bottles.

We sell an array of women and mens yoga clothing, supplements, merchandise and refreshments to support your yoga practice. The studio is fitted with showers and toilets to make your life that much easier. The studio is cleaned every day to ensure the best environment to practice your yoga, and we take pride in presenting a beautiful space for you to come visit.