It’s not about PERFECT. It’s about EFFORT.
And when you bring that effort every single day,
that’s when transformation happens,
that’s how change occurs.

You have come to the right place… Yoga is for everyone and any one!


Every class on the schedule is beginners friendly, no prior experience needed, and our teachers are trained to help you grow from your first class to your 1000th class, and every class in between.

If you have never tried Bikram Yoga before, here are some helpful tips to help you get ready for your first Bikram Yoga class.

  • Hydrate – drink plenty of water throughout the day leading up to your class, trying to hydrate during class is already too late. If you plan on coming to an early class, hydrate the day before. Having electrolytes or coconut water also helps
  • Eat – try to eat light before coming to class, a banana or smoothie usually is okay, but try to have your last heavy meal 2 hours before class starts. The less in your stomach the better you’ll feel throughout class
  • Wear – form fitting clothing is the best to get through a hot class where you’ll be sweating a lot. The best recommendation is shorts and either a sports bra or singlet top for women, and shorts for men as the more you wear the hotter you’ll be!
  • Arrive – for your first class plan to arrive 15 – 20 mins before a class starts. To save time, sign up and register online here. The doors are open 30 mins before class so you’re welcome at any time but please make sure you are ready to start class EXACTLY on time, so give yourself some time to settle in
  • Stay – we encourage all students to stay in the room. Each class is a beginners class and people will take breaks when they need to. The best way is to sit down and wait until you’re ready to try the postures again. This way the teacher can keep an eye on you, and you’re not getting your heart rate up or distracting others by running in and out the room
  • Breathe – sometimes the postures or the heat might get to you, just breathe through your nose and be as still as you can. Breathing normally and properly will keep the oxygen moving in the body and help you get through class much easier
  • Return – please come back as soon as you can. You’ll feel great after your first class and see changes, but we recommend at least 10 classes in first 30 days (come every day!) and it takes about a month before your body gets used to the postures. We guarantee you in that time you’ll feel the benefits and the changes in your body and mind
  • Bring – sometimes bringing friends and family along makes it all that much more fun. Many of our students become good friends and you’ll see this camaraderie at the studio. We have a special offer to the students that take up the Intro Offer, before it ends Bring-a-Buddy who’s never been before for their first class, for a special price of only $10 for their first class!