“If we wait until we’re ready,
we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

Here are some commonly asked questions


If you have any other enquiries, please call or email us and we will help you the best we can.

Register yourself online right here. You can also download our App on both android and Apple.

The heat is there to ‘soften’ the body in order to stretch effectively and safely. This makes the muscles soft and supple, therefore getting better results. Many students take a bit of time to acclimate to the heat, staying hydrated and resting when you need to in the room will help that process. In time you will get used to it and even enjoy it.

All our classes are 90 mins. Each class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced twice.

What we want and we need are two different things. The goal of Bikram yoga is not to change the postures to fit our bodies, but to change the body by trying the postures the right way. Rather than introduce different postures all the time or changing it up to prevent boredom, we work to create focus and a discipline in mindfulness and awareness so that even though you practice the same postures in the same sequence, you’ll find every class to be different as you create and discover new changes and challenges. The 26 postures, much like the alphabet, cannot be changed, or the series simply does not work.

Please check our contact page for the best parking availability. There are a few onsite parking spaces and plenty of street parking. However please observe and respect the parking signage as they do vary depending on the time of the day and the street.

A towel (bath size), mat and a bottle of water are all that’s needed in the room. We also hire thick absorbent mat towels and separate shower towels, and have water and refreshments available for sale at the studio.

Of course! Bring all the family and friends you want. Our Intro Offer is designed just for this as it’s often easier when you’re in a new environment if a friend comes along. Your pass will entitle you to Bring-a-Buddy and their first class will just be $10.

We have plenty of space in the studio for your belongings. Once class starts the studio is locked. Many of our students shower at the studio after class so they bring their change of clothes as well.

No, you don’t have to book online. You can if you’d like to, or just walk straight into the studio and sign into class that way. Do check online for our times and you can buy your class passes that way. First timers can sign up online.

Of course! Most of our students start with the Intro Pass which gives them unlimited classes for 20 days. However you can always purchase a casual class, and then sign on for the intro month if you’re unsure.

Our classes start exactly on time and run for 90 mins. The studio opens 30 mins before class but door are locked once class starts. This is to prevent distractions once class begins and ensures that the teachers also greet and know all the students coming in to class. If you’re running a little late please call ahead and let us know. Please ensure you have the 90 mins needed for class when you come, the final savasana is especially important to restore your entire system.

Hydration before class is very important. We recommend adding an extra litre of water on the days you’re going to practice. Once you’re in class drinking lots of water can be counterproductive, so just sip it, as you need throughout.

Come practice yoga to get flexible and strong! Saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you’re too hungry to eat. It’s about the effort you put in to creating change in the body, that’s why all classes are beginner friendly. Have no expectations when you come to a class, with zero expectations, you have everything to gain.

Please let your teachers know if you have any health issues or injuries going on, we can keep an eye on you in class. However we ask that you keep it simple and just do what you can out of each posture. The instructions will be very specific, step by step, which means if you have an injury and can only do step one, then just stay there until your body is ready to move on to step two. We do not modify or change up the postures to suit the body; instead our therapeutic classes are designed to slowly over time change the body to get the most benefits from the postures.

We have wheelchair access to the studio as well as a private disability bathroom. Our studio is also unique in that we have a smaller yoga room where we can offer one-on-one private classes. A little bit of Bikram yoga goes a long way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help and accommodate you!

We recommend a minimum of 3 x a week if you want to see and maintain results. We understand everyone’s lives can get busy and crazy at times so any yoga is better than none.  It’s therapeutic enough to be practiced every day, and we have passes to suit everyone.

Most definitely. It might sound crazy but we have lots of students who will do a double class. Your practice is your own and it’s what you feel good with, we will help and guide you through it and look after you the best we can. Just remember to stay hydrated and keep up with your electrolytes.

As you stretch the muscles and work areas in the body that might have been stagnant for a while, at times you might feel light headed or nauseous. This is normal as the blood starts to circulate the body and toxins are being flushed out. Take it easy, rest when you need and in time that feeling will pass. Dizziness can also be a sign of dehydration so make sure you’re keeping up with your electrolytes and water intake.

When class starts the teacher will do all the talking. The dialogue is very specific and clear so that you can follow what to do and how to do it. Out of respect for other students just listen and try the best you can, save any questions for after class.

The yoga room is generally a quiet area. You’ll make lots of friends at the studio and we understanding that sometimes it’s the place where you all get to catch up. Talking quietly in the room before class is fine, but straight after a class, please allow for 10-15 mins of silence to allow everyone to unwind and relax.

Just be respectful and mindful of the other students in the room. If the class isn’t packed try not to set up directly in front of someone. Please only bring in your mat, towel and water, and leave all other personal belongings outside. Do not wear heavy perfumes or scents into the room as others can be quite sensitive to the smell and once you finish your class, take all items with you to ensure a clean and tidy studio.

The Bikram series allows for pregnancy modifications so you can practice this yoga if you’re pregnant. However this is for the students already practicing and experienced with the heat and the postures. We also need a release form from your doctor to allow you to practice in the hot room. If you are pregnant please contact us first.

Of course! Yoga is for all ages. We allow children under 16 yrs to practice with the consent of a parent or guardian at a rate of $10 per class. Due to their physical development, kids 8 – 12 yrs of age can practice the floor series. Kids 12 – 16 years of age can practice the entire series. Please contact us first to discuss before bringing young children in.

With consistent practice you’ll find that during a class you will go into a meditative state, when you enter a deep state of concentration of what you do and how you do it, everything else will fade away. In time yoga practice helps turn awareness inward and you will truly begin to meditate.

We have a smaller private room just for this. Whether it’s one on one or small groups, we cater to everyone’s needs. You can ‘fine tune’ your practice with any of our senior teachers and this allows you time to ask questions, get personalised corrections, seek adjustments and observe demonstrations.

Just send us an email at info@ohyp.com.au and we’ll help you from there.